Terrafirma’s commercial work is a great showcase of our ability to creatively rejuvenate dilapidated gems or simply empty spaces into great new homes for burgeoning businesses.

Creative and Historic Reuse (click to show or hide)

The Paramount in Overlook

Terrafirma redeveloped The Paramount Building located at 1700 N Killingsworth in the Overlook neighborhood. Since the 20s, this building has been a grocery, a shoe repair, a newspaper office, a butcher and a drapery shop. Roux and Bon Temp fed the neighborhood with French Creole Cuisine until July of 2009. Now The Lucky Lab Brewery calls The Paramount their home.

Commercial Interior Improvements (click to show or hide)


The owners of Portland’s Pizzicato restaurant came to Terrafirma for guidance with this former Starbucks space. A new more rustic, NW look was the goal. Terrafirma brought FIX, a local design firm, to the table and a new Pizzicato look was born. Real pennies were used as tiles in a counter wall, a tree was placed in the corner as a bulletin board for community events. Now pizza and salads nurture the Seven Corners neighborhood of SE Portland.