Bosco-Milligan Foundation

This organization is dedicated to the preservation of historic architecture through education, and the salvaging and archiving of architectural pieces such as historic stained glass, windows, building hardware, doors, light fixtures and shades, cast iron pieces, and more. Home to an extensive architectural library.


Habitat For Humanity / Portland

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing homes to low income individuals and families through donations and volunteer labor.


Historic Preservation League of Oregon

The Historic Preservation League of Oregon (HPLO) takes an active role in preserving and revitalizing historic communities throughout the state, with technical training in community planning and design, and historic rehabilitation.


The Rebuilding Center of our United Villages

This business accepts donations of re-usable building materials, then resells them at 50 to 90 percent below retail. This makes the materials affordable to people of all income levels; diverts hundreds of tons of materials out of landfills; and supports local environmental and housing organizations’ missions.

The Rebuilding Center is a United Villages project, a non-profit organization that provides financial, human and educational resources to community-based groups working for the grass roots on local community issues. The Rebuilding Center provides job training, physical and financial resources to Our United Villages.