Terrafirma strives to bring creativity and vision to under-utilized land and buildings, resulting in beautiful and vibrant new hubs within Portland’s character-rich neighborhoods. Terrafirma is delighted to meet and work with new partners. If you have a development idea, our experience may be a good match to bring your idea to fruition.

Mississippi Commons / Mississippi Ironworks (click to show or hide)

Industrial coatings and wrought iron manufacturing were the previous uses of these buildings in what was once a vibrant Portland street encompassing the Port, Humbolt, Boise and Overlook neighborhoods. Terrafirma redeveloped over 30,000 sf of buildings in what would become the historic Mississippi District. These buildings now house artist’s live/work spaces, breweries, restaurants, salons, bakeries, galleries, clothing stores and offices.

Cathedral Greens (click to show or hide)

Currently in the development stage, Terrafirma completed the creative reuse of this existing 10,000 sf warehouse. Metal workers, musicians and craftspeople now make Cathedral Commons their home. In the future we will be developing six loft style, live/work spaces that allow for either commercial or residential use. Walk into downtown St. Johns, Cathedral Park and the river or sit back and take in the view of Forrest Park and the St. Johns Bridge.

Madrona Greens (click to show or hide)

Madrona Greens is an extensive residential development nestled in a cozy cul-de-sac adjacent to Adidas’s gorgeous Overlook neighborhood campus. The project consisted of four homes, two single family and two attached row houses, and full right-of-way improvements including extending a public street, green street style storm water management, and significant utility work. The houses are consistent in quality and design for Terrafirma’s residential portfolio and continue to retain substantial value during resale after all these years.