Our Philosophy

Building has tremendous impact on the environment and communities. We fully accept our responsibility as builders and developers to do the right thing.

In fact, building is integrally connected and dependent on the natural world. We rely on the earth for the products we use in our work, and we recognize these resources are limited. More importantly, they are not just products.

Terrafirma has exceeded my expectations in delivering an accurate interpretation of my design and still maintain high quality on a modest budget.
–Thomas Shaw, architect

Wood and other natural materials are a part of a larger system that is home to plants and animals, and that play a critical role in our mutual survival, and in the quality of life we all share.

These products are often harvested without regard to sustainability, processed in ways that further harm the environment, and can damage the health of people and animals in the homes where they are used.

At Terrafirma, we work stringently to protect our planet and its inhabitants. Our wood comes from managed forests, using renewable trees. Other building materials are recycled, non-toxic and are processed cleanly. All without sacrificing durability, quality and beauty.

We were among the earliest members of the Earth Advantage program and continue to certify homes through Earth Advantage as standard practice. Terrafirma received the G-Rated award from the City of Portland's Office of Sustainability. We also belong to NW Eco Building Guild. Our "green" work has been featured on television news programs, and in newspapers.

We are happy to discuss our commitment to green building in more specific ways at any time. But what it comes down to is this: Terrafirma's green philosophy isn't today's fad. It's our passion, and it's the promise of a bountiful future.